Thank you for your interest in our driver training program!  Did You Know:

...that our driver training program is 50 years old.  It is true ! 
We have been teaching safe driving since 1971. It is true !

...that we have a perfectly clean record with the Department of Motor Vehicles, and with the Better Business Bureau ! It is true !

...that ALL teens describe our training sessions as FUN, and highly educational  ! It is true ! Just ask your friends, cousins, and neighbors, trained by us over the years !

Moreover, ALL of our adult trainees tell us that they have gotten their money's worth, and have made a crucial investment in their driving safety for the rest of their lives !!! "Money well spent / invested" is their most common comment.  So, give us a chance ! Try us before you call anyone else ! Let us prove to you all of the above claims ! 


We do not schedule back-to-back appointments (also known to the pros. in the business as piggy-backing). This is when a driving school schedules a    9am - 11am appointment, for instance, and the next appointment is    11am  -  1pm. The 11-1 student will have to expend his/her own precious training minutes, sometimes up to an hour, to drive the 9-11 student home. If home is in another town the 11-1 student will be put on the freeway on his/her very first day behind the wheel of a car. And the poor 9-11 student will have to suffer the agony of being driven home, on the freeway, by a 15/16-year-old who has never been behind the wheel of a car before. This is a true story, and it happens daily with serious consequences that occasionally make it to the front-pages of major newspapers such as the Sacramento Bee.   WE AT ABC/RICARDO'S DRIVING SCHOOL DO NOT DO THAT. Our 9am -11am student in this example will end his/her training at home, the trainer will get a 30 minute rest, and the next student is picked up at 11:30 for an 11:30 - 1:30 appointment, .....and so on.

We make sure that students/parents get their money's worth. We stay busy, no time wasted (no jocks, no gimmicks)... for a full two-hour session with the exception of a short break half-way through the session.

We are competitively priced, and will match lower prices if reasonable.

Are you a nervous type? Afraid you might make a big booboo?  Don't worry about it. We are the professionals, and know how to address your fears....just call 707-645-9089 or click below